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TRONIC 5 5620D

TRONIC 5 5620D battery
Lithium Ion Battery Pack 4000 mAh #BP5620P-128533

Intelligent Battery Pack

This is a 8 cell Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack designed to work in Clevo MobiNote PortaNote 5600, 5620, 5800, 5820 series laptop and notebook computers.

This battery ships fully charged, tested and ready to work.

This ENERGY+ item is built with the highest quality standards, safety features and has a 12 month warranty.

Price: $137.28

TRONIC 5 5620D charger
90 Watt AC Adapter 4.9 Amp #CV1904-128533

90 Watt AC Adapter

This AC adapter is specifically designed to power a variety of machines including Clevo, Eurocom, Gericom, Kapok, Prostar, Sager series laptop and notebook computers.

This item has a power status light and U.S. AC power cord.

Small size and long cord makes this a great spare adapter.

This ENERGY+ item is built with the highest quality standards, safety features and has a 12 month warranty.

Price: $57.27

TRONIC 5 5620D charger
Travel Adapter 2.5 Amp #SWA002-128533

Swiss World Travel Adapter

The ultra-compact design saves lots of space and weight.

Can be used with standard AC plugs and sockets from Australia, Europe, United States, United Kingdom and over 150 additional countries worldwide.

Only 1 pin set can be pulled out at the time thus eliminating the risk of short circuit and includes a safety fuse which protects you and your appliances.

This ENERGY+ item is built with the highest quality standards, safety features and has a 12 month warranty.

Price: $26.10

TRONIC 5 5620D
Microfiber Laptop Case 15752R #labcc-128533

Keep your laptop protected from elements and falls in this handy laptop carrying case. It stores your laptop, power supply, mouse and other accessories. Comes with many pockets and compartments for convinient way of storing items you need while on the road and working with your laptop. Outfitted with a large front pocket featuring a double zipper that allows the flap to open fully for easy reach. Durable and light material. Features a carrying handle, shoulder strap,  and a secure strap for the laptop.

Price: $26.99

TRONIC 5 5620D
Trolley Backpack For Your Laptop #Laptop63352-128533

Haul all your gear around in style with this handsome and durable trolley backpack.

Price: $100.00

TRONIC 5 5620D M10517-MB
Motorized Notebook Cooling Station #MNCS-1-128533

Connects to your notebook to keep it cool and ventilated.

  • Connects to your notebook via the included USB cable
  • Dual fans for additional cooling
  • Fits all sizes of notebooks

Price: $29.99

TRONIC 5 5620D M02517-MB
Notebook Combination Cable Lock ATTACHES TO AVAILABLE VGA PORT #021331025173-128533




Keep your notebook computer safe from thieves and crooks with this durable notebook lock.

Price: $19.95

TRONIC 5 5620D
Universal Notebook Docking Station M10617-MB #021331106179-128533

Perfect for laptops, this  Docking Station allows you to connect additional USB Devices, and PS/2 devices while keeping your laptop cool.

Adds a 9-in-1 Memory Card Reader, 3 USB Ports, 2 PS/2 Ports and More!
Dual Fan Cooling System Keeps Your Notebook Computer Cool so it Can Run Faster.
Connets to your Notebook Computer via the included USB Cable.

Price: $59.98

TRONIC 5 5620D
6 Piece Notebook Starter Kit M21117-MB #021331211170-128533

The iConcepts Notebook Starter Kit features products that are sleek, lightweight and easy to tote around wherever you go. The 4D optical wheel scroll mouse features an amaizing 800 dpi dynamic resolution, industrial durability and professional sensitivity.

The Kit Includes:
Mobile Mini Numeric Keypad,
Optical Retractable Mouse,
Retarctable LAN + Modem Cable,
Mobile 4 Port USB Hub,
Retractable USB Cable,
Multi-Purpose Carry Pouch Stores all of Your Accessories and Devices.

Price: $99.95

TRONIC 5 5620D
150W DC to AC Power Inverter M26052-MB #021331260529-128533

The iConcepts line of power inverters allow you to take your electronics with you on the road and plug them into your car's cigarette lighter receptacle. The built-in overload circuitry provides extra protection and safety.

150 Watt Power Surge.
Overload Protection.
Overheat Protection.
Low Battery Shutdown.

Includes everything you need to use your Portable Electronics in your car, truck, boat or RV.
Converts your 12V DC to an AC power source to use almost anywhere.
Includes both high and low power protection.

Price: $34.95

TRONIC 5 5620D
Mini Retractable Optical Mouse and Numeric Keyboard M20717-MB #021331207173-128533

Perfect for notebook users, this notebook starter kit includes a mobile mini numeric keyboard and a retractable optical mouse.

Mobile Mini Numeric Keypad.
Optical retractable mouse.
Pefect for Notebook users.

Price: $37.99

TRONIC 5 5620D
Folding Rubber Keyboard M01917-MB #021331019172-128533

The iConcepts Foldable Keyboard is the perfect solution for notebook users who prefer typing on a full size keyboard. Constructed from the highest quality silicon materials, preventing damage from fluid, dirt, grime, moisture, salt, sand, etc.


Price: $19.99

TRONIC 5 5620D
Mobile Optical Retractable Mouse--USB M00117-MB #021331001177-128533

The iConcepts Mobile Optical Retractable Mouse features an amazing 800 dpi dynamic resolution, industrial durability and professional sensitivity. This mouse includes the latest in optical sensor technology, and a retractable cable perfect for laptops.

New optical sensor for maximum precsion - no mouse ball.
Retractable cable.

Price: $39.49

TRONIC 5 5620D
Glide Gel Soft Mouse Pad 74952N #021331749529-128533

The Glide Gel Soft Mouse Pad allows you to avoid stress on your wrist and hand while computing. It consists of a luxurious gel filled wrist rest connected to a stylish mouse pad.

New "stay-in-place" coating footprint keeps mouse pad in place.
Soft gel supports your wrist.

Price: $11.95

TRONIC 5 5620D
17 Inch Computer Bag DC-700N #681066587300-128533

This stylish blue and black laptop case is made of nylon and black leather and is a perfect fit for most 17 inch notebooks.

New durable design.
Convenient front pocket.
Accomodates notebook computers up to 17 inches.

Price: $39.99